Neurona Creative Studio | The story
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The story

Neurona creative studio is a graphic and interior design studio with a passion for textiles. Viviana Sansone is the Italian designer behind the project.

With a background in Interior design, I bring a simple, fresh and colourful aesthetic vision to Neurona, founded in 2014 by myself.
I work in several artistic areas, creating concepts, images and spaces for individuals and brands, as well as arts and crafts design, exploring a wide range of materials and techniques.
The idea of this project comes from my personal interest in creativity, in all its forms, and its positive effects in our lives.
I love a minimalist way of thinking, always try to focus on the essentials.
Simplicity is an experience of life.

Viviana Sansone

Experimenting  and sketching are the very first and passionate approach to my creative process.

All my artworks are first created by hand  and then printed using traditional hand screen printing techniques and limited edition production.

Each colour I use is also hand mixed in the studio using eco-friendly water-based inks and all the material I carefully choose is all natural and local, including linen and cotton fabrics.

This handcrafted production takes time, patience and carefulness. It shows the perfect imperfections and sensibility of the human hand.

I really believe in a conscious and sustainable way to live and create. This philosophy deeply influences my every day studio life and every decisions reflects my choice to minimize my impact on the earth, from the production process to the careful selection of the materials.

I like taking a slower approach to the handcrafted process as I love to celebrate local traditions to create exquisite long lasting artisan cloths that tell a story. Every piece in the collection is cut, printed, and sewn by me, paying attention to small details to create unique pieces is definitely the most important thing to me and it is, without a doubt, what real luxury means.


I love Mediterranean’s native flora and fauna.

Besides being a sea, the Mediterranean is a strong and ancient land which inspires me everyday.

Since I was a child I’ve been loving its landscapes, fruits and colors. My eyes are full of images of white houses, turquoise water, fig trees and dry cactus landscapes. Memories that perfectly captured the Mediterranean essence and soul which I belong to and that I want to translate into and celebrate with my creations. I’d love to wrap you up in the freshness, the light and the magic of Mediterranean.

“When the smell of wild rosemary meets the salt air… 

When the horizon is lost in a ocean of ancient olive groves…”